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What is the Christian Education Trust?

The Need

Since the 1960’s the Federal Government has been effectively taking the mention of God out of public schools. It started with the banning of school prayer, then continued with the intimidation of many Christian teachers and students into silence. Now the Ten Commandments is outlawed in many public places and even the phrase “one nation, under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance is coming under attack. It’s well known that the public school system, as it’s constituted today, is no friend to Bible-believing Christians. Neither is it a friend of traditional American values.

The Solution

In the last 40 years, churches all over America have countered the onslaught of this godless educational system by creating neighborhood Christian schools. Established in 1968, the Upper Bucks Christian School has been educating our children to become young men and women who will serve Jesus Christ and to see the entirety of the world through the clear window of the Bible. Students there have received excellent, traditional training in all the disciplines necessary to lead productive, Christ-centered lives. But, this has a cost.

The Cost

Creating an effective K through 12th grade school with high standards is a costly endeavor. Christian schools all over the country are hard-pressed to maintain excellence in Christian education. Upper Bucks Christian School is no different. Average families sometimes find it difficult to make ends meet with the rise in the cost of living and the ever-increasing tax burden. Some of these taxes go to the very public school systems where these families cannot send their children because of the school's godless philosophy. Faced with rising tuition, many potential student's families have to say "no" to Christian education.

A Firm Foundation

When any Christian school relies solely on tuition as revenue, it is doomed to financial hardships and sometimes failure. With the cost of education skyrocketing, there is great pressure to raise tuition to cover these costs. But tuition can’t be raised higher than families can afford. So where does the money come from? People from all walks of life who are interested in maintaining a Bible-based alternative to government schools. The long term answer to the financial needs of Upper Bucks Christian School is the Bethel Christian Education Trust Fund. The CET is a non-profit trust fund registered in the state of Pennsylvania. Its Board of Trustees are all members of Bethel Baptist Church and are dedicated to the establishment, with God’s help, of a firm financial foundation for Christian education in our neighborhood.

How Does The Trust Fund Work?

The Christian Education Trust Fund receives donations through charitable gifts of many kinds. There are memorial gifts, bequests and wills. Some prefer to give one-time monetary gifts, or gifts of stocks and bonds. Others give through innovative estate planning. The accumulated amount of donations (now in the hundreds of thousands) is managed by the Trustees of the Fund to maximize its interest-bearing potential in the financial marketplace. The interest from the Trust Fund is made available to the Upper Bucks Christian School as each need arises. No portion of the principal in the "fund" is used for school support. Only the interest is available to the school for support. At the sole discretion of the Trustees, the interest, however, is sometimes reinvested in the Fund. So when you give to the Christian Education Trust Fund, you're giving an eternal gift that keeps on giving to young lives.

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